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Tuesday, February 8, 2011 , Posted by Jimmy Kicks Corner at 10:19 PM

What is the most important feature when looking for a new place to live?

Would it be price, size, location, for me all three are actually equally important. I need a certain number of bed rooms, in a certain location, and all for the right price. I know sounds like a Hallmark movie. I am determined to find all I want for the right price. I am thinking positive, so I have a positive outcome.

Wish me luck in my search.  I would like to hear what is the most important thing to you when searching for a new place to live?

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  1. ravali says:

    i search for a safe apartment surrounding,apartment which has gym in it and fully secured one!!

  1. Thank you, thats very interesting information. I need to share with my friends.

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