FlashBack Friday!!

Friday, February 11, 2011 , Posted by Jimmy Kicks Corner at 11:05 AM

My flashback starts when I was about 10, I was in my friends backyard messing around. When his neighbor which was about 7 or 8 started talking ish, so being dumb kids we started talking right back. I said something sexual about his mom (who was a big time MILF), then he called my mom a bitch I believe. One thing about me is you can talk shit to me all you want just don't talk about my family, that is crossing the line in the sand. So these kids were yelling at us from there bedroom window, it was one of those old school windows that cranked outward. So there was no screen and they were sticking their head out yelling at us.  In my friends backyard he had an avocado tree and it just so happen that they were nice and ripe, so I picked one off the tree and chucked it over the fence right at their faces. Unfortunately my aim is horrible and instead of hitting the kids it broke the window.  I got in so much trouble, my dad had to replace the window and he was pissed. I don't remember but I am sure I got a good beating and was grounded for awhile.

I still laugh at this story!!!

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  1. ravali says:

    hahahah...funny to hear that!!

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