What's going on with the world?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 , Posted by Jimmy Kicks Corner at 1:34 PM

It's seems the last few weeks/months have been crazy in the world, we have had a huge earthquake, start of a small war, economic unrest all over the world. Will there ever be peace in the world? It doesn't look like it, so where do we go from here? Do we just sit by and wait for the judgement day? I think not, we must set forth upon the world and spread the word. What is the word?


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  1. Loser says:

    The only people who are actually going out and spreading the word are Jehovah Witnesses. These fucks go out and wake you up so you can hear the word. And what do they get in return? Nothing but mockery. And this mockery not only comes from lowlife piece of shits like myself, they come from so called heavenly Christians and Catholics. Christians don't put in work to tell people about god. They set up shop in their churches and hope people come to them. Jesus didn't wait for people to come to them, did he? Catholics the same thing with their fancy cathedrals.

    JW's are not a happy religion, in my opinion, in regards to providing a message that simple minded people can find happiness in. Like for Christians. They make it seem so easy. Hey, say the magic words that you accept Jesus as your lord and savior and you get to go to heaven when you die. Catholics, fuck if I know? You get to sin and all you need to do is confess your sins to a child rapist hiding in a booth and he says your good. What a crock lol. No wonder MEXICANS are catholic. They get to have kids with multiple partners and not be responsible and sin all they want. They confess and they are good.

    JW's don't believe in all that. They believe you need to be like Jesus and spread the word. Know the bible word for word like Jesus. And if god thinks you're worthy, he will let live in the new world after he destroys it. There is no heaven when you die, just blackness, like when we were nit living before. That doesn't sound too comforting does it? Well i believe that's its the discomfort that will set you free.

    I'm not a JW. They can kiss my ass too. I'm a sinner cuz I drink excessively and watch porn all day. There's no saving me. But if I had to choose a set that I think is the right one to follow, I would go with the Jehovah witnesses. If they are being mocked by elitist Christians and Catholics, I take that as a sign from god on who you should follow.

    I hope your readers make their choice soon, cuz the world is coming to an end real quick. Good luck.

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