Chasing Mummies!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010 , Posted by Jimmy Kicks Corner at 6:31 PM

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch a eye opening new TV show on the History Channel. This is a documentary about the Pyramids in Egypt and the world's leading archaeologist in Egyptology, Dr. Zahi.

Unfortunately, this was not the first episode in the series but was a perfect one to start on. Dr. Zahi leads a team of 3 American fellows in the great Pyramid. Their adventure will take them inside and all the way to the top. They set out very early in the morning to beat all the tourist and the burning desert sun.

This is not your everyday hike or climb, they have to squeeze through very small stone holes and climb up rickety wooden ladders. The trek will take them around 8 hours to finish, their destination is the 5 chambers. After about 4 hours of climbing, squeezing, and sweating like they were an ant under a magna-fine glass, they reach the 3rd of 5 chambers. Dr. Zahi wants to show them something very important, it is some ancient graffiti. You asked yourself why is this important? Well the Dr. believes this solves the question about if the builders of the Pyramids were slaves or loyal subjects of the Pharaohs. He believes that this proves that the builders were loyal subjects and not slaves. This discovery along with some tombs are considered History changing.

I won't go into too much more detail, I don't want to spoil the rest for you. I will share one more funny or disturbing moment with you, it your choice. One of the fellows is a young women and she was a little apprehensive to even climb up into the pyramid. In the 3rd chamber she complained that she had to go to the bathroom and Dr. Zahi said she is not allowed to go in the pyramid, he considers it to be a temple or church like. She holds it in, what else can she do it is almost 4 hours just to get out of the pyramid from this point. So they press on, until they get to the 4th chamber, where after a few moments she loses control of her bowels and pees everywhere. She begins to cry and the Dr. is trying to find out what is wrong with her when she revels that she peed everywhere. He is irate and leaves her there and goes on with out her. He tells her that she doesn't deserve to be there and to get out. I couldn't help my self, I had to laugh out loud.

I highly recommend everyone to set there DVR to record this series.

I have provided a link below for you to get more info on this show.

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  1. ravali says:'s scary!!!!
    i scare of dead mummies but like those mummies in the movie MUMMY!!!
    hmpf....those mummies are not for real hmpf!!!
    well nice concept try to conquer these it's really puzzling!!!

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