Ironic twist at a Love Festival!

Monday, July 26, 2010 , Posted by Jimmy Kicks Corner at 8:43 PM

This past weekend a huge "Love Festival" took place in Germany. This festival is all about the love of Techno and House music and just love in general, it started in 1989 as a peace demonstration. This is one of Europe's biggest music festivals.

This year started like all the rest, people from all over coming together to enjoy their favorite music. As a huge group of fans tried to make their way to the main stage, they were funneled through a small tunnel. Anyone that has every been to a packed club before can understand what happen next. Little by little, people squeezed through this small tunnel. Fans started to get impatient due to the wait and started to lean into the people in front of them, which made them do the same to those in front of them and so on, and so on. Until people fell from being pushing and they were trampled to death.

How ironic is it that more than 18 people lost their lives at a love festival, because of such unkind actions.

I posted a video report on this tragedy on the right side bar, below is the link to the story. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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