It's Grillin Time!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010 , Posted by Jimmy Kicks Corner at 8:04 PM

Is there really a grillin season?

I love to grill, anything from chicken, steak even corn on the cob. For me I get the great taste of the grill and most time it is a healthy option.

Grillin is one of those things that gets passed down from dad to his son. and so on. I always watched my dad BBQ, I was drawn to the grillin machine. In high school, I used cook for a lot of my friends when they came over to swim or just to kick it. That was my first chance to BBQ for anyone and It went great.

I really enjoy grillin while drinking a beer, it always makes for a good time. The grill always seems to be a magnet and a conversation starter. My perfect Saturday would be, grillin and hanging out by a pool with a group of good friends and family.

I call it BBQ or Grillin but lately I have heard the term Cook Out. I don't know if this is a southern term or maybe a eastern term but it all means the same. I use propane gas to cook with, I would prefer to use charcoal but it is not allowed where I live. I love flavor and you get the best flavor from charcoal. I have gotten handy with the steel, I earn my keep. I would like to go to a park or the beach and have a BBQ with all my friends and family.

I would like to know which method you prefer to cook with, Gas or Charcoal? If anybody has some good tips on BBQing I would love to hear them!!!!!

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