Birthday Night Out!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010 , Posted by Jimmy Kicks Corner at 11:24 AM

On your birthday night, it is always a good sign when the night starts off without a hitch. As I waited for Husky Downs and Grip Johnson to arrive at my house, I decided to get a head start on some drinking. We all haven't been out on the town in a long time. Since it was my birthday I decided to go out in my neck of the woods, The Beach.

We arrived at our destination (The Black Bull Chop House in Huntington Beach) around 11pm, this was our first time at this place. I have heard about this place from many people in my area, they all say it is a good time. To my surprise we only had to wait in line for no longer than 5 minutes, the norm is around 30 minutes. So my first thought was "this place is empty" but it was pretty packed. They had one of those mechanical bulls, which always equals fun times. They also had a dance floor in the back, but the DJ was horrible in that room, so we chilled by the bull. Of course as the night goes on more and more girls are starting to ride the bull, I am sure this has something to do with the amount of liquor these girls drink.

I had a great time, I would recommend this place if you are in Huntington Beach. You can look forward to more of these type of reviews of clubs/bars on our new blog, which will be up shortly (

I would like to thank Husky and Grip for a great birthday!!! I couldn't ask for better friends.

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  1. ravali says:

    hey well where are the pictures of that huntington beach??
    we foreigners can look at that if you could show us that place,right it would be helpful jimmy!!!

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