Dirt Under My Nails!!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010 , Posted by Jimmy Kicks Corner at 8:45 PM

Today I feel great about having dirty nails and hands. I decided to change the oil in my vehicle today. This was my second time changing my own oil. The first time didn't go over so well, I stripped the oil drain plug. It isn't hard to change your oil at all, it is just a little scary. The last thing you want to do is ruin your vehicle's engine.

My first attempt, I made a rookie mistake. As I start to turn the bolt, it didn't seem to be moving at all. Of course, I wasn't going to let this bolt get the best of me. I rolled up my sleeves and gave that bolt all I had. Finally it gave way and then my mistake showed its ugly face. The bolt just fell into the bucket. I had turned the bolt way too hard and the wrong direction. Now I had to tow my car to our mechanic, $300 later I had my car back. That was one expensive oil change.

Enough of the past, today was a new day. I went to the auto parts store to get a 5 quart jug of oil and filter. I was determined to change my own oil; after all, I wanted to see if I learned from my mistakes. After locating the drain plug, I check my socket wrench about 10 times to make sure I was going the correct direction. Gingerly, I slowly turned the blot and again it didn't budge. So once again I checked my wrench, everything was correct. Again, I slid under my vehicle and began to turn the bolt, finally it started to turn. I then took a deep breath and unscrewed the bolt and the oil started to pour out into the bucket. Now with a big smile, I waited for the oil to drain. Then I screwed the bolt back in and up in the new oil and filter. One last thing to make sure I did it correctly, I had to start my vehicle and make sure it ran. It started up perfectly and the best part of the whole thing, no leaks.

There may be no better feeling than to accomplish something you put your mind too. I am a dirty, oily man and I am proud of it!!!!

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