What Do Dreams Mean?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 , Posted by Jimmy Kicks Corner at 8:50 AM

Do you believe dreams have a meaning or is it a way for your brain to dispose of your daily data?

I am conflicted on this topic, in the picture is my personal dream catcher. The Native Americans are a culture that I have studied for many years and tend to enjoy their beliefs. I do believe that some objects have mystical properties, like the dream catcher. I personally hardly ever remember my dreams, but when I do they are very real like and even wake me from my slumber. I believe every culture has a method or an object that wards off bad spirits; in the case of the dream catcher it is bad dreams. Some cultures believe that dreams are when the spirits of their ancestors actually guide them through their life experiences. I tend to believe in superstitions, or some people may call them nonsense.

This is where I am conflicted, I also follow science very closely. I know these two ideologies rarely agree on anything. These days I seem to try and rationalize everything in my life, including dreams and superstitions. You may be thinking to yourself, he was just saying how much he believe in folk lore and all that; hence why I feel conflicted. I feel the same way about science. I think having one leg in the superstition area and one leg in the science area gives me a unique view on certain topics.

I know quite a few people that actually own books about the meanings of dreams or they look up the meanings of their dreams. For me I don't believe that dreams actually mean anything. This is the way the brain cleans out it's data base. I look at the brain like a hard drive in a computer, once it gets filled up, it runs a lot slower. My views on the meanings of dreams doesn't mean I am not superstitious, this is why I have a dream catcher to ward off the bad dream spirits.

Let me know what your views are on this topic!!!!

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  1. Janz says:

    sometimes I look up the meaning of my dreams...out of curiosity I guess? People say when you dream, it's the opposite of what's going to happen in reality. But sometimes my dreams could mean something...not exactly the way it's presented in my dreams, but for some reason, it gives me a warning that something will actually happen. Well often times, I just don't want to think about my dreams especially if they were bad dreams and I don't want them to happen! Hmm.. maybe it's just coincidence who knows? It's amazing how our brains work!

  1. ravali says:

    some times you know jimmy i used to get dreams about waters i mean ocean waters and me dying in them,i usually get weird dreams i donno why!!!

  1. Husky Downs says:

    Well, I wish my dreams came true. If they did I would have had more sex than Wilt Chamberlin!!! Ha! Ha!

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