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I encourage everyone to watch this documentary "Gasland", I watched it yesterday on HBO. You will learn that I am one of those people that you need to prove your point too, I know there are two side to every story. For this reason, I tend to steer away from documentaries that are considered whistle blowing documentary. You may be asking yourself what is "whistle blowing", these are when you have someone on the inside that is allegedly spilling secrets about a company they work for or even the government (i.e. Watergate). Michael Moore is well known for his documentaries regarding government conspiracies.

Gasland deals with the effects of drilling for natural gas throughout the USA. I work in the energy field and it is appalling to see the lack of regulation in this area of the industry. In my profession we are subject to strict laws and regulations from the state and sometimes the federal as well. In the natural gas field, the companies don't even have to disclose the chemicals they are using to drill into the earth. This film deals with the chemicals used and the effects on the surrounding communities. It really hits home when you see that these companies are drilling in your back yard, and these effects could happen to you or someone in your family.

A must see is they can light their tap water on fire. Yes, that's right they light water on fire!!!!!

This documentary scores with Jimmy Kicks!!!!

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  1. Chub Johnson says:

    Love the picture bro. It took me a second to figure out what it was, but it definitely made me appreciate the post that much more!

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